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Alpaca Scarf



A classic and unique scarf made from our own alpaca yarn that live on our land next to my studio. The fleece from our animals is sheared once a year which I then clean and sort with only the best quality fleece from our animals being sent to Cornwall to be spun into a yarn. This yarn I am then able to knit to create this sumptuously soft scarf that has a beautiful drape, lustre and handle. Wear in the knowledge that the alpaca fibre is 100% natural, ethically produced and enjoy its superior qualities of being a soft, warm, luxurious and highly durable.

A 100% natural colour of light brown with a highlight colour of jade green.


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Product Description

85 % Alpaca which comes from our very own animals that live with us at Ash Farm.

10% Blueface Leicester

5% lambswool



Additional Information


20 x 200cm


Hand wash, dry flat, steam iron.