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Cashmere Scarf


The supreme of all yarns this classic cashmere scarf is pure heaven to touch and wear. A delicate and light design made from the fiber from cashmere goats it exudes luxury and is known for its sumptuously soft feel that does not itch when worn. Knitted on my double bed knitting machine this design has a beautiful drape and handle with a subtle bouncy feel due to the unique tuck pattern it is knitted in giving it a light textured effect adding further intrigue and beauty as its worn.

Designed to be the perfect length to wear with fitted jackets in warmer weathers either on city breaks, nights out or everyday outings. It is a truly versatile scarf for all seasons that you will love wearing next to your skin and will treasure and value for many years.

Cashmere qualities:

Warmth – Its insulation capacity is three times higher than wool , making it perfect for maintaining your body temperature. The result is a yarn that keeps you warm but not hot.

Softness – The diameter of the fibres is very small which gives it a  very fine texture, the softest of all yarns.

No itchiness – For the same reason, the density of fibres are much higher than wool, and therefore the texture is not scratchy.

Lightness – Cashmere can be lighter than wool products and yet it still keeps you as warm.

Shape resilience – Quality cashmere does not shrink and retains its shape better than wool when washed correctly.

Durability – When the right care is given to a cashmere item it can last up to 10 years.


Product Description

100% Luxurious Cashmere

Additional Information


40 x 190cm


Cool hand wash, dry flat, steam iron.

Colour Option

Rich Orange, Silver Grey,