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Explorer Snood


A unique and playful snood using a mixture of my own luxurious alpaca yarn and lambswool to give a beautiful tactile and luxurious fabric that reflects the natural textures of the Pembrokeshire landscape. Think sea grasses russling in the wind on sandy beaches, bursts of colour from pink heathers on rugged coastline cliffs  and sheeps wool intertwined on field fences …. All encapsulate the inspiration behind this design.

Both sides of the fabric have a different pattern and surface quality adding to the uniqueness of the design which when worn as a snood allows both to be seen adding to its richness and beauty.





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Product Description

40 % Alpaca which comes from our very own animals that live with us at Ash Farm.

10% Blueface Leicester

50% Lambswool


The alpacas are sheared once a year which I then sort and clean into different grades of fibre. Only the first fleece is used to make the yarn which is the finest and best quality that comes off each animal. This is to ensure that the final yarn is the very best quality that feels beautiful against the skin and has a vibrancy and fluid handle that the wearer will enjoy and value.

Additional Information


20 x 200cm


Hand wash, dry flat, steam iron.