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Rheydr Yarn- Alpaca with Blueface Leicester

From: £12.00

Rheydr is a luxury yarn created from Sian O’Doherty’s herd of alpacas. Each year Sian carefully scours and selects the very best fleece from that year’s shearing to be made into yarn. The fleece is then expertly blended (with 10% Blueface Leicester) and woollen spun to produce a silky yarn with memory and flexibility. Rheydr allows you to share in creating luxury textiles with elegant drape, cosy warmth and beautiful style.

Purchased in 50 gram balls

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50 grams £12 ( 1 ball)

100 grams ( 2 balls @ £22)

150 grams (3 balls @ £28.50)

200 grams (4 balls @ £37)

250 grams (5 balls @ £45)

300 grams (6 balls @ £52)

350 grams (7 balls @ £59)

400 grams (8 balls @ £64)

450 grams (9 balls @ £70)

500 grams (10 balls @ £75 )


Product Description

Woollen spun

Available in 50 gram balls

90% Alpaca

10% New BFL

175m 190 yards

Fingering weight / 4ply


Care Instructions 

Hand- wash gently in warm water using soap suitable for wool or a wool soak product.

Do not rub.

It is advisable to wash darker colours separately and if in any doubt a colour catcher product may be used. Do not wring. Squeeze out excess or spin dry on shortest slowest cycle and then dry flat.

Do NOT tumble dry.

Press with warm iron while damp. If in doubt dry clean or contact Sian for more help.


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50grams, 100 grams, 150 grams, 200grams, 250grams, 300 grams, 350 grams, 400grams, 450grams, 500grams,


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