Workshops 2019


I teach knitting machine workshops in my studio based in a converted barn surrounded by our fifteen alpacas that live on our smallholding. Situated very near Kilgetty and Saundersfoot in Pembrokeshire, classes are kept to small groups to ensure maximum tuition and enjoyment.

I am able to tailor classes to your own specific aims whether you have never knitted before or want to develop your skills further in a particular area. I work on domestic standard gauge knitting machines and an Industrial 7 gauge Stoll Knitting machine.

The majority of my knitting machine lessons are taught on standard gauge knitting machines with detailed notes and images given with every lesson. Techniques from how to cast on/cast off, creating pin tucks, knit/weave, buttonholes, fair-isle, scallop edges, lace, cables and so much more. Private one to one tuition can be taught on the Industrial knitting machine as well as the standard gauge knit machines, and if this is something you are interested in please do get in touch.

This a beautiful part of Pembrokeshire with plenty of activities should you wish to extend your stay to make it a holiday. Being a tourist area there is ample accommodation in the area including camping, bed and breakfast, caravan sites and hotels.
Public transport is very good to the area with trains and buses operating daily (mega bus and national express) and is easily accessed by road.

See below for the full range of machine knitting workshops at Ash Farm.

If you are unsure or would like to get in touch to learn more about the workshops please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will do my very best help you.

Sian x


Explore the exciting new range of craft workshops at Ash Farm. From hand knitting to willow weaving, the options to learn new skills and create beautiful things are bound to inspire.



1/2 Day Machine Knitting Taster

Minimum of 6 people for workshop to proceed

Dates Available:
2nd February 2019
22nd March 2019
15th November 2019

All materials included
Plenty of tea, coffee and cake provided
Basic notes on techniques covered

Interested in learning more about the knitting machine? Not sure if it's for you?

This half day workshop gives you a taster to the very basic elements of machine knitting. It will give you an insight to see if it is something you would like to pursue further - getting hands on experience of how the machine works and its capabilities.
Please be aware that this is not an in depth workshop but a simple introduction to see if its something you would like to pursue further.

Before you leave a visit to the alpacas is a must who never shy away from attention :)

Workshop Testimonial

I have spent 2 sessions with Sian in her wonderful workshop, learning beginners knitting machine skills. These were confidently delivered mixing knowledge and practical work at an appropriate pace . 
Clear written notes were provided and Individual support was given throughout. 
A most enjoyable experience despite my initial apprehension. 
I look forward to further sessions with Sian to increase my skills and knowledge.

— Jakki Wadman



Two days Beginners Knitting Machine Workshop

6 places available/ Minimum of 4 for workshop to proceed

Next Workshop dates:
19th-20th January 2019
24th-25th August 2019
7th-8th December 2019

1 Day Workshop
10 am – 4:30 pm
No prior experience is needed fro this workshop
Homemade lunch, detailed notes, all equipment and materials are provided.
Skill level: Beginners

Whether you are brand-new to machine knitting or are a bit rusty and want to refresh your skills this course is an ideal opportunity to learn the basics in a friendly and supportive environment and leave with a wearable scarf that you will be proud of.

This workshop will cover all the essential skills of how to knit with confidence where on the first day we will cover how to cast on and cast off, colour changing and knitting stripes, hems, pin tucks and how to use transfer tools to create decorative effects. We will also look at the essential technique of creating tension swatches to enable you to calculate correctly the measuremnets of your scarf that you will knit on the second day. You will leave with a range of samples documenting the skills covered as well as detailed printed notes that you can reference as you continue to knit in your own time. We will also cover how to maintain your knitting machine, where you can purchase machines and most importantly the common mistakes that can occur whilst knitting and how to avoid them..... i.e. 'why does my knitting keep falling off the machine!'

The course is run at your own pace and I like to keep the classes small to ensure each individual receives the tuition they need. I can cater to varying levels of experience and want to make sure that by the end of the workshop you have learnt the essentials of the knitting machine and leave feeling confident and positive.

Printed notes are provided but you may want to bring a camera and notebook to write your own personal notes.

Workshop Testimonial

IMG_5624FullSizeRender 2



Two days /Beginners double bed Knitting machine workshop

Minimum of three participants for workshop to proceed

Available workshop dates:
16th-17th April 2019
20th-21st July 2019

Two Day Workshop
10 am – 4:30 pm
Homemade lunch, detailed notes, materials and equipment included
Skill level: Intermediate

This course is great for those who have either attended the workshop ‘Knitting Machine- The Basics’ or those who already have a good knowledge of using a knitting machine and are keen to learn more. With a maximum of three people on the course more 1:1 time can be spent with each individual.

During the two days we will cover a range of techniques using the ribber attachment, where by the end of the weekend you will leave confident to continue exploring these in your own time. Each technique will be demonstrated fully and then knitted by yourself so that you you leave with a range of samples documenting each. We will start at the very beginning looking at ribs, circular knitting, pleats, racking, pointelle, cable and a range of tuck fabrics.

We will also look at in depth what the machine is doing as you knit with detailed knit diagrams. This will ensure that by the end of the weekend you understand what the machine is doing with each technique and fundamentally you are in control of the machine.

All materials are provided during this course. I recommend bringing a camera and notebook to write your own personal notes.

Customer Testimonial


ribber workshop  

Two Day Mastering Punchcards Workshop

Six places available on the workshop/minimum of 4 for workshop to proceed

Dates Available:

18th-19th May 2019

10am – 4.30pm

2 Day Workshop: Mastering Punchcards and make your own scarf


Learn the basics of how to use punchcards on your knitting machine- learning how to control, manipulate and design your own on this two day knit workshop.

During the first day you will master the punchcard mechanism exploring all of the above through a range of knitted samples using provided pre-punched designs. We will also cover in depth how you can design and develop your own patterns on your own machine.

From the samples created on your first day you will have the confidence and skill to design your own fair isle scarf with my support throughout. During the day you will learn how to calculate tension swatches, joining techniques, and finishing processes.

By the end of the course you will leave with a scarf to be proud of and the knowledge to continue knitting and exploring fair isle on your own.

All materials are provided. You may wish to bring a camera and notebook to write your own personal notes.

'I attended the punchcard workshop, I have learned so much in a day. Sian is a wonderful teacher, with loads of experience and knowledge. I look forward to do more workshops with her this year. Thank you so much for such an amazing day. '

Luci Suardi


Learn Jacquard in Two days

Minimum of 3 participants for workshop to proceed

Available Dates
9th-10th March 2019
21st -22nd November 2019

2 Day Workshop
10 am – 4:30 pm
Homemade lunch, detailed printed notes, all equipment and materials are provided
Skill level: Advanced/ Experience and knowledge of using the ribber and punchcards

The technique ‘Jacquard’ generally refers to a patterned multicoloured fabric which has no floats on the reverse side, and is created by knitting on both the main and ribber bed.

Large floats are often seen on the reverse of single bed punchcard patterns which can limit the end function of the fabric with floats catching and snagging easily. This technique allows you to design patterns with no restrictions in relation to floats creating a stable and functional fabric.

Over the two days we will look at in detail how to design your own Jacquard fabrics as well as being able to read and understand the punchcards so that essentially you are in control of the machine and not the other way around! We will look at the correct way of using the machine exploring a range of techniques that are possible for the reverse. These will include stripes, birdseye, ladder back and tuck. We will also look at how to combine welts with Jacquard as well as shaping and colour changing within a design.

By the end of the course you will leave with a range of samples that document your journey and exploration of the technique confident to continue knitting in your own time.

Classes are small to allow for techniques to be covered fully.

All materials are provided during this course as well as a homemade lunch.

Workshop Testimonial


'Recently attended one of Sian's beginners knitting course and was so pleased I went! Having only recently learnt some basic hand knitting, I thought I would struggle to understand the knitting machine and process, but Sian was a fantastic teacher and it didn't take long to pick up. Really enjoyed Sian's teaching approach, which was very friendly and patient. Loved the beautiful studio and the yummy soup :) Thank you Sian!!!'

'Absolutely loved the workshop today - I learnt so much more than I even expected and am now so excited to put my learning into practice. Sian was fabulous and patient with such a friendly approachable style of teaching. Oh and all in a beautiful setting with a fabulous home cooked lunch thrown in. I came home and booked straight away for the next workshop ... blinkin' wonderful DIOLCH YN FAWR'

jacquard knitting sian odoherty



Shaping Techniques on the Knitting Machine

NEW FOR 2019!!!

Minimum of 3 participants for workshop to proceed

Available Dates:

15th-16th October 2019

2 Day Workshop
10 am – 4:30 pm
Homemade lunch, detailed printed notes, all equipment and materials are provided
Skill level: Advanced/ Experience and knowledge of using the ribber and punchcards

Are you daunted by calculating tensions? How to calculate decreases and increases to create shape in your knitting? Unsure how to add features like buttonhole bands or pockets to your designs? Whether its shaping the waist, necklines or shoulders they all prove to be stumbling blocks that can put you off from knitting more intricate or complicated designs.

This course will break down the basic elements of shaping in to mini projects creating a range of knitted samples that you can take home and then implement and explore further in your own knitting projects.

We will start at the very beginning looking at calculating tension swatches and why these are crucial to ensure successful garment shaping. We will break down how to calculate accurately various shapes so that you get the correct look to your garments/knitted projects. Examples of fully fashioned increases and decreases that will give your knitted pieces a truly professional finish will follow which could be used for both waist and necklines looking at crew and v-necks. Once we have covered all of the shaping methods on the machine we will also look at basic cut and sew techniques as well as additional features like buttonhole bands and pockets that will take your knitting to a new and professional level.

During the two days you will be covering a range of techniques from calculating mathematical formulas, knitting samples on the machine as well as using a sewing machine for cut and sew methods.

All materials are provided during the two days as well as a homemade lunch, but please do bring your own calculator as well as your own pen and peper for additional notes you might like to make.

Workshop Testimonial

IMG_7740 IMG_7742